We work closely with you to look at your business, project risk and exposure to environmental impacts, social and economic movers, political and security risks. Our analysis and assessment provide a 360- degree assessment on your potential risk and mitigation recommendations. We provide business and project specific risk analysis and assessment to include risk mitigation and contingency planning.


Due diligence , there is an increasing pressure on businesses from governing and regulatory bodies to ensure they have conducted adequate due diligence and know their client (KYC) prior to an engagement. Choosing the right business partner is critical to your business success. We have the capability and access to research and analytical specialists both locally and internationally with the in-depth knowledge and experience to support your due diligence processes.


We have proven experience of delivering operational project support to unexploded ordnance (UXO) identification and clearance projects / de-mining programmes in Eastern Libya.


We provide internationally accredited local MOD approved UXO trained spotters, that deliver UXO site identification and clearance operations that are compliant to international standards. We provide fully functional secure field welfare camp facilities, transportation and secure journey management to include support facilitation of appropriate MOI/ MOD field security clearance passes, UXO equipment and MOD trained security  personnel armed / un-armed as required for secure UXO cordon/ disposal management. We work closley with local tribal elders, councils and cumminitises to ensure appropriate and safe ways of woking are established and maintained.  Our international UXO / de-mining partners have proven experience of working in Libya and are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and international good practice standards.


We can provide your business or project site with the direct procurement, or if required direct leasing off heavy and light construction plant equipment and site machinery throughout Libya. Our equipment is fully functional, serviced and can be pre-tested to ensure operational quality and serviceability.


Human resources; In addition to heavy and light construction plant machinery we can provide approporiatley licensed and qualified pre-vetted local specialist plant and machinery user operators for cranes, lorries, diggers, bulldozers, loaders, forklifts etc.  We can also support your business delivery requirements with the direct recruitment or sub-contracting via our JV company for the appropriate provision of local office personnel, and specialist subject matter experts that are sourced in regards to project specific requirements such a specialist field engineers, technicians, etc.


We provide security protection services;  man-guarding for asset, facilities and project field site protection, we can provide MOI, MOD approved and licensed armed security personnel and armed vehicle security escorts.  We provide transport and logistical services to include secure journey management, airport meet and greet services and travel management planning.  We utilise 4 x 4 vehicles, SUV people carriers, termed as low profile, non-descriptive which are less subject to local car-jacking and theft.  Our vehicles can be fitted with elite GPS tracking systems which are contunially monitored by a 24/7 operations room in UK.  We can provide personnel with travel management tracking offering realtime security updates for personnel 24/7.  Subject to your security profile we can provide B6 armoured vehicles.  Our drivers have received driver awareness training, defensive and off-road driver training. We provide convoy management services and can support with the necessary facilitation of security clearance and oil field passes.


Specialist training security sector reform support; We can provide training services delivered by leading international policing and military experts who have the proven critical experience of assessing, designing and delivering specialist training programmes that are focused on supporting Police, Military, Oil Field Security.  Training programmes can be delivered and accredited with international training standards.


We can provide secure accommodation e.g.  hotels or villas subject to your business requirements and risk assessment. We provide secure welfare units / site camps which can be semi-permanent or temporary. This can include full life support facilities and services to include; power and utilities, air-con, WIFI, TV cleaning and full catering services.


Our international catering services offer a flexible bespoke approach, working directly with our clients to ensure that menu requirements and standard of service are delivered. This can range from fixed kitchen (three meals per day) or mobile field kitchen. Our chiefs have catered for business international conferences, large corporate functions and field project.


Medical facilities, we can provide individual medical technicians,  we can also provide fully equipped medical centre facilities to include qualified Dr ‘s and nursing staff for longer term project requirements.


We can provide fully equipped and staffed medical field units for project sites, temporary or longer term.


We provide and deliver hospital operated and managed services, supported by international medical professionals.


We can support clients, their personnel and project with the provision of licensed and accredited international insurance cover for the facilitation of critical project infrastructure insurance against loss of services to include acts of war, force majeure, acts of god (natural disaster), critical loss of services. Our insurance Partner specialises in the provision of infrastructure insurance cover in Libya and wider North Africa and the Middle East (policy underwritten via Lloyds of London).


International medical cover / evacuation, it is important that appropriate insurances are in place not only for your business but also for all personnel, to include medical cover to include full international medical evacuation support (in the unfortunate event it should be required) this is especially critical in areas that are considered as a high risk deployment, or are less developed with limited international medical facilities, or deemed as more challenging working environments. With the direct support of our preferred international medical response provider we can support your business enterprise with all your insurance and medical requirements. Medical contingencies will be designed and tailored with you and are focused specific to your business enterprise and project requirements.