Gateway Enterprise Group (GEG) Czech Republic, Gateway Security Services (GSS) Libya, Gateway Joint Company (GJC) Libya, Littoria Medical Services Libya and New Littoria Catering, Hotel and Tourism Libya, form the Gateway Company Group 


GEG, GSS and GJC, deliver their specialist business services as individual companies supporting client specific requirements.


Littoria Medical Services and New Litttoria Catering Hotel and Tourism Services, provide services in Eastern Libya to local and regional customers on a daily basis.


The Gateway Group, supported by our affiliate Partners, provide services across several business sectors in Libya to include; Oil and Gas, Security and Transport, Construction and Equipment Procurement and Logistics, Healthcare, Catering, Hospitality and Leisure and the Importation of Goods and Equipment.


Gateway Company Group, supported by our affiliate Partners, help clients to establish and develop their business and business relationships, and to deliver environmentally safe and secure projects in Libya while ensuring compliant processes that provide value creation and help promote growth.


We build our teams of pre-vetted and approved local and international consultants together specific to suit your business and project needs. Our consultants both local and international are specialists in their fields of expertise, providing clients with sector-specific knowledge. Our local pre-vetted consultants provide clients with the value-add of their local security experience and awareness of tribal customs, cultures and acceptance when and where it matters. This important value-add has proven critical to help enable business and project engagement and ultimately support operational success.


Supported by our affiliated Partners, our resource pool of senior advisors bring proven experience from backgrounds in politics and public service, senior military and police leadership, public and private sector senior executives. We provide real-time executive support, programme management and operational project delivery.


Our Business Enterprises provides and delivers service offerings in accordance with good practice HSSE standards. We operate with appropriate local and international insurances in-place and are officially registered and licensed to provide all our service offerings in Libya. We are compliant with Libyan and international laws, regulatory requirements, good accounting standards of practice and compily with all tax requirements and contracting tax registration processes.


Our ethos is based around our customers – Your objectives become our objectives.


We have well established, proven and trusted business relationships across Libya, Africa and Middle East. Our relationships in Libya span governments in the West and East both public and private sectors. We have trusted relationships with tribal elders, local councils and community leaders. We adopt an A-Political approach to conducting business in Libya, enabling us to provide and conduct our services across the country. We specialise in providing our business offerings in Eastern and Southern Libya.


Our developed relationships have materialised from years of working in the region with governments, public and private sector clients. These proven and trusted relationships have manifested in also helping us and our clients to maximise growth and mitigate potential risks.


International Affiliated Partners; we are directly supported by our  accredited network of partners who are industry leaders in their professions:


Tirsana, Tripoli based partner company. Tirsana, are a safety and security solutions provider, licensed with Federal Health and Safety Authority.  Tirsana are well established and experienced in the area of procurement and the importation of specialists Health and Safety Equipment into Libya. www.tirsana.ly


Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) support GEG with industry leading: International medical response and evacuation capabilities, supporting our clients with emergency response and crisis management direct from point of incident.

NGS, vehicle tracking, travel and security management for personnel, via elite GPS location solutions which are directly supported by emergency response specialists and a 24/7 operations room who monitor, respond and escalate communications and response processes real-time in the event of an emergency. www.northcottglobalsolutions.com


Cherton Secure, have a wealth of experience and knowledge of delivering strategic risk mitigation and global training solutions to public and private sector clients. Providing expertise and support with governance and leadership, critical compliance, threat awareness, dynamic risk mitigation and the design and execution of good practice security plans. www.chertonsecure.com


Tashawer Group, provide healthcare operator and consultancy services, delivering comprehensive healthcare business and managed solutions across Egypt and Middle East and Africa, supported by an international network of medical professionals. www.tashawer.com


GEG International insurance partner, provide specialist expertise of delivering project specific  insurance policies in Libya, underwritten by Lloyds of London.